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  • 06. Januar 2014

    Our re-launch from WM-IT to Fortyone also came with a rebrand. The Fortyone brand focuses a lot more on the mobile-market, the website and common CI were redesigned to fit in with that change.

  • 01. März 2012

    Fortyone consists of 1 owner, 1 full-time employee, 2 interns, 3 PCs, 2 laptops and a coffee machine.

  • 2. Februar 2011

    We created the first homeopathic mobile app for Android devices. From idea conception to design and full development, this app can be used to inform the user about the subject of homeopathy. They can also look through an extensive list of homeopathic medicines and can search, or use the provided categories, to find specific fields.

  • 14. Juni 2010

    After extensive market research, we found that there was no platform or search engine for youths to find group travel experiences. Now, serves this niche market of the travelling youth, helping them to find journeys provided by both big travel organisers and small regional ones, through cross-media marketing.

  • 25. Juli 2008

    When the agency first started it consisted of 1 owner, 1 home office (in Bad Canstatt), 1 computer and 1 drip-coffee maker.

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