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turning creativity into functionality

What do you need?


We provide a professional consultation service, where we can help you with anything from app development to responsive design. We will discuss your needs in-depth, providing you with a tailored solution that best suits you. Our consultation service will set you on a clear path, helping you to actively achieve your goals.

Design/Idea Conception

Design is a very important part of the creative process, not only is it what catches they eye of the customer but it helps them to navigate their way around your app. We’ll help you to keep it simple and beautiful for your customers to use. Our user-interface and user-experience experts combine their creativity and their know-how, to produce user-friendly apps every time.


We develop apps using a combination of modern technology and functional concepts. Our expert knowledge of multiple programming languages allows us to build apps that run cross-platform and allows us to focus on expandability and scalability. We’ll ensure your app looks great on every device.

Quality Assurance

We regularly test through the development process, ensuring that the quality of the app is at its highest. To do this, we run white-box-tests which checks for any potential coding errors. Once development is complete, we put ourselves in the role of the user (black-box-test) and make sure everything works as planned. We’ll make sure every pixel stays in place.


Our years of experience have taught us the relevant skills to launch and position a product in the marketplace, both accurately and on time. We will talk you through each launch stage and will take care of every aspect of the release, in every relevant store. Even once the project has launched, we will be there to help with any requests or answer any questions you may have.


The launch is not the end of your project; we ensure your mobile app is always fully functional and that the customer is getting the best experience possible. Maintenance is part of the app development process, we’ll make sure that your app stays up-to-date.

of people own a smartphone or tablet

of people never leave the house without their smartphone

of Germans use mobile internet

of the time spent on mobile devices is used in apps

of people look up companies on mobile devices



By utilising the language Objective C, we take care of the native app development for mobile devices on both Android and iOS. Apps that run natively on devices, provide optimal performance and allow us to do more complex and CPU-intensive mobile projects.


Hybrid apps combine the advantages of mobile websites and native apps. With the help of the phonegap / cordova framework, hardware-specific functions can be accessed which means that platform-independent mobile apps can be developed.

Mobile Website

Even if we are not developing a mobile app with you, each mobile website we create will be tailored for use on mobile devices. We also ensure that our mobile sites have fast loading times, barrier-free user interfaces and easy navigation.

What's next? If you like what we do, get in touch with us so we can create your WOW! App.