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Our MobileCMS allows the creation and management of in-app-content via a web-based content management system. This means no more annoying, time-consuming, waiting for the app store to approve your latest version for release.

Target Audience

In all areas of your company, it is important to keep your software and content up-to-date; always having the newest information readily available for your audience. It pays to keep your audience in mind and to keep them happy. We design processes that mean your content updates automatically, preparing your mobile app for scenarios that will update your content without any big re-implementations.

Your Advantages

MobileCMS makes it possible to make instant changes online, reducing your process time and therefore reducing your costs. You are also given the freedom to make any changes you want, any time you want.

Gelbe Karte


Gelbe Karte city administration offers a fast and straightforward service, one that listens to the ideas, suggestions and questions of the general public. The service makes it easier for people to voice their concerns in a fast and informal way. They can also be sure that their message will reach the appropriate person when using Gelbe Karte.

Target Audience

The mobile solution was developed for use within large cities and communities, however, it can be used by any company interested in the opportunity to manage public ideas and feedback.

Your Advantages

Gelbe Karte makes it easier for the general public to approach and contact the appropriate person for their needs. Contact obstacles are removed and paper consumption is reduced since cards won’t need to be printed anymore.

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