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Optimal Presentation on every device


According to a study by comScore, 50% of Germans own a smartphone today, 75% percent of newly bought devices are smartphones and 67% look-up companies via smartphone or tablet. Those numbers are predicted to keep rising, so it is important for companies to present themselves effectively on all screen sizes. 63% of people would not recommend a company that does not offer responsive web design.

How it is done

A vital part of responsive web design is media queries; a CSS3-concept that displays different designs depending on the properties of the output medium. For instance, the following properties can be used as CSS3-criteria: device size, screen resolution, orientation and input options (keyboard, touch, voice), each affecting the appearance of the design.


Websites that are optimised by responsive design can serve user groups optimally. Responsive web design speaks to each device independently, using each device to its highest advantage whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone. For companies and website operators, responsive design plays an essential part in the communication strategy.

of people own a smartphone or tablet

of people never leave the house without their smartphone

of Germans use mobile internet

of the time spent on mobile devices is used in apps

of people look up companies on mobile devices

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